Asbestos Workers Local #14 Federal Credit Union Serving our members faithfully for over 45 years !!!

The Credit Union is opened

Hours of operation
Tuesdays:    6 - 9 PM

1st. Wednesday of each month:  6 - 9 PM

Thursdays:  6 - 9 
(except 1st Thursday of the month)

Please check the calendar, office or phone message for changes in the weekly schedule.  It can change without notice.

Phone # 215-289-3990 OPT 4 Fax # 215-289-2001

Application Forms
Loan Application
REQUIREMENTS:  For loan amounts up to 10,000.00 you must have at least 1,000.00 in your share account.  Amounts over 10,000.00 must speak to the loan officer for what is required in shares.  Along with the application, we need a copy of your most RECENT pay stub.

If applying for an auto, you need the app, the copy of pay stub, copy of drivers license, copy of declaration page of your current insurance policy (just need to see if you have current insurance), and the buyers order.

Membership Application
REQUIREMENTS:  Must be a member of local union #14 or a family member of a local union #14 member.  We have to have a photo ID, preferably, a drivers license.  For children, we need a copy of Social Security Card and Copy of Birth Certificate.

(This has come about with the patriot act)  Also need is at least $10.00.  The 10.00 must stay in account at all times, unless you are going to close the account.

Have a Question or Comment?
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Board of Directors
Philip Ackler President
Matthew Petronis Vice-President
Patricia Reeves Treasurer
Shawn Kennedy Secretary
Denise M. Reeves Director

Please remember, The credit union does not share any of your personal information with any
third party vendor.

When applying for membership, you must provide to the credit union, a completed membership app, a copy of your current drivers licence or birth certificate and at least 10.00 to join. Your family members can join a well. When applying for a loan, you need to be a member for at least 3 months, or have a qualified co-signer.  You also need to complete an application.  With the completed application, you must provide a copy of proof of CURRENT income.  You also need 10% of amount requeted in your shares up to loan amount of $10,000.00.  Anything over that amount will need additional collateral.

We have auto loans too. Just call the credit union for more information on those.

If you have moved, please let the credit union in writing or in person. In a small letter, just let us know your old address and the new one.  Please sign it and give a current phone number.

If you have not deposited any funds in your account within the last 5 years, please do so now. Escheat, where it is law that the credit union send untouched funds to the state in which you reside, is coming up and due by April 15, 2013.

For the year ending 2012, the board of directors has declared a 1.25% dividend on all funds in shares over 100.00. The dividend is based on your monthly average balance.

If you have any other concerns, please donít hesitate to send a letter or call the credit union office.

NCUA insures your shares up to $250,000.00

International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local #14
2014 Hornig Rd. Philadelphia, Pa., 19116 Telephone (215) 289-4303, Fax (215) 289-8655