Members of Local #14 and Local #89 receive some of the best benefits available.  As a Union Fund the welfare of our members and their family is very important to us.

Aetna - Choice POS II
MEMBER SERVICES   1-855-736-9478
PROVIDERS CALL   1-888-632-3862
You do not have to choose a primary care doctor.  Referrals are not required.  However, some services may also require precertification.  Without preapproval, you may pay more or even full price.

Please visit the AETNA website at for a listing of  AETNA CHOICE POS II providers.

Employee Assistance (ATAP)  1-800-258-6376 
*Not an Aetna product 

BeneCard - Prescription Benefit
MEMBER SERVICES   1-888-907-0070 
Pharmacy Help Desk    1-888-907-0050

Click the links below for a list of dental and urgent care providers who have agreed to accept our payment as payment in full for services provided up to the yearly maximum.
Dental Providers
PA Participating Providers (Updated September 5th 2017)
NJ Participating Providers (Updated October 19th 2017)
Urgent Care Providers
PA Urgent Care Providers (Updated October 23rd 2017)
NJ Urgent Care Providers (Updated October 23rd 2017)

Local #14 and Local #89 have a defined benefit retirement plan.  Along with the accrued benefit there is also an additional benefit accumulation account (annuity).

Any questions concerning these benefits or eligibility please contact the Funds office.
Michael E. Burns

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday 
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM 

Telephone (215) 289-4303 option #1
Fax (215) 535-7885

International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local #14
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