June 2017
We had a lunch meeting for June 2017.

Just a reminder, there won’t be meetings in July or August.

The club would like to offer condolences to the family of Jack Pfrommer.  He passed away in July.
June Birthday List:
Greg Antolik 
Charlie Darrah 
Eddie Lesinski
Fran Bastianilli 
Kevin Dunn 
Mike Little
Pat Bailey 
Lew Fitzgerald 
Mark Longshore
Jimmy Bates 
Bert Flatley  “Goldy”
Robert Briddes 
John Fluharty 
Bill McAlexander
Billy Butler 
George Haas 
Jimmy Milliken
Mike Condon 
Dan Howie 
Bobby Mizia
Joe Courtney 
Phil Kratowicz 
Harry Moore
 Billy Lattanzi 
Gerry Pellak 
Paul Quirus
 John Reily 
Fred Rodgers 
Joe Rossi
Walt Ungerbuehler 
Dave Wintheim

See you at THE PUB!

   John McCue
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